How to post to devTo

How to post to devTo

This document will guide you to posting on under the organization. You should refer to this document after you’ve completed writing the article and a publishing day has been set.

Based on’s new feature which allows organization owners to set the author of an article, you don’t need to take care of posting the article yourself. All you have to do is create a account and join the Novu organization.

Create a account

If you don’t have an account, you’re encouraged to create an account on If you prefer not to, then we’ll post the article under someone else’s account and link to you as the author.

Creating an account is easy, you can do it with social accounts such as GitHub and Twitter.

Join the Novu Organization

Before publishing the article under the Novu organization, you should have received the organization's secret code. If you haven’t, please contact to receive it.

Only authors who have been assigned an article and have completed it can obtain this code.

Then, after logging into your account, go to the Organization Settings.

If you’re already a part of another organization, you need to select “New Organization” in the select input in the header of the page.


Under Join Organization, enter the secret code you obtained for the Novu Organization and click Join Organization.


If you entered the secret code correctly, you’ll be part of the Novu organization!

Prepare Your Article for Publishing

Articles posted on must be in Markdown format. Notion allows you to easily export your article in a compressed file along with the images in it. The article can be exported in multiple formats including Markdown.

To export your article, click on the 3 dots at the top right then choose export from the dropdown.


A pop-up window will then open with configurations for your export. Make sure that the Export Format is set to Markdown & CSV. You can leave the rest as is and click Export.


You’ll then be able to download the article as a compressed file. If you uncompress the file, you’ll see a file with the extension md. This is your article in markdown format. You’ll also find any images in your article in a subfolder.

Create a New Post

To create a new post under the Novu organization, first, click on Create Post in the navigation bar.


Then, you’ll need to select from the top select input Novu to ensure that it is posted under the Novu organization.


After that, you’ll need to enter the below information from the Notion document for your article:

If any of the following information isn’t available for your article, contact for assistance.

Post Title, cover image and tags

At Novu, we use different post titles for different platforms. You will most likely know the title already. If you don’t contact to get it.

Also, the cover image and the tags will be provided to you.

In case you need help with anything, don’t hesitate to contact at the earliest.

Post Content

The content of the post is the markdown file you exported earlier. You’ll find at the beginning of the file key-value properties, which are the properties at the beginning of the Notion document for your article. For the article content, you can skip those properties and copy everything after.


If the article includes any images and videos, you should be able to find them in the exported compressed file.

If the article has any images, you need to manually upload them.

If the article has any videos, you need to convert them to GIFs (you can use online tools like Ezgif) and then upload them manually.

Publish the Article

Once you’re done entering all the information necessary for the article, you can click at the Publish button at the bottom left.

Please note that this will publish your article for everyone to see. If you’re unsure about anything and want us to look over your submission first, click Save Draft instead and we’ll be able to have a look over it, make any necessary amendments, and publish the article all from our side.